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All programs are available in person or online.

Personal Balance Nutrition Coaching offers a 15% discount for teachers, military, and first responders.

FREE nutritional consultation to review:

- physical and mental goals

- role of macronutrients/micronutrients

- your daily routine and any limiting factors

- family/social support and mindset

- and much more!

- Secure online platform to simplify check-ins, tracking progress, scheduling, and more

- Personalized calorie, macro, and portion guide

- Weekly check-ins to review your progress and make any adjustments

- Support for your questions, with 24 hr. response time

- Coaching to support your personal lifestyle, training, and goals

- Learn to continue eating the foods you love, while building sustainable habits

* Disclaimer: Personal Balance Nutrition Coaching does not provide medical nutrition therapy. If you have a specific medical condition that may require this service, please consult with your physician or qualified health professional.


A minimum 3-month commitment is required for Personal Balance Nutrition Coaching. Taking control of your nutrition doesn't happen at the flip of a switch. It takes time, accountability, and a personalized plan to effect change for your long-term success. 

Ready to make the ultimate commitment to yourself? 6-month and 12-month plans are also available at a discounted rate.

3 Months - $125/month*

6 Months - $115/month*

12 Months - $99/month*

Additional consultations - $60/hour

* Payments are billed automatically each month



Do you feel like you're lost in a maze when it comes to food shopping? Learn how to optimize your supermarket experience to help you save time and money! 

Together we will browse the aisles of your local grocery store and review how to select the best veggies, fruit, pantry staples, and much more.

Fresh Produce
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